AutoResponder Delivery Rates

Any AutoResponder service can claim high deliverability and a good reputation. Proving it is usually a different matter, altogether. The unfortunate reality is that there appears to be a lot of misinformation about deliverability and many email marketers often find out too late that their chosen AutoResponder service isn’t quite as reliable about getting their message delivered as they may have been told. provides (and can verify) outstanding deliverability and “sender reputation” as demonstrated by a number of third-party monitoring services such as:

Take a look. Compare to other autoresponders services you are reviewing. We think you’ll agree that has one of the better reputations in the industry.

Why is able to provide such outstanding reliability?

Let’s take a look at a few factors: 

  1. enforces a clear and stringent anti-spam policy.
    We maintain a zero-tolerance stand when it comes to unsolicited email.
  2. maintains consistent and open communication with major service providers to ensure and enforce best practices in Email Marketing. WHEN (not “if”) a problem is detected, our staff are able to quickly resolve and address these issues. (It happens to all of us)
  3. constantly monitors for and removes email addresses that become undeliverable. This helps our database remain clean and function efficiently.
  4. Removal/Unsubscribe requests are handled quickly and efficiently.
  5. maintains multiple test accounts across a wide variety of carriers to check for delivery issues and irregularities.
  6. constantly monitors and proactively seeks out any potential or impending delivery issues. takes these measures seriously to ensure that your messages can be delivered across a wide variety of email service platforms.

Beyond the capabilities and internal practices of any AutoResponder service, your own deliverability will also be influenced by how well you manage your lists and the content you use in your messages.

  • Trying to circumvent or fool spam filters with commonly used spam tactics such as bizarre spelling of certain words will dramatically impact your own personal deliverability.
  • Sending irrelevant content or abusing the privilege of contact granted by your subscribers will not only affect deliverability but will quickly cause your lists to dwindle due to unsubscribe requests and complaints.
Infrastructure and Corporate policy are one side of the deliverability question. At, we take that role very seriously to help your message get through to your audience. Professionalism and integrity on your part will take care of the rest of the equation.